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Select School District & School

To start, please select the school district for your student, then select the school. This ensures that you get the correct accessories and books for your student's program.

If you are renting for yourself or your school is not listed, select Adult/No School from the District drop down menu.

For Private or Charter Schools, select Private/Independent School from the District drop down menu.

Select Instrument

Please select an instrument to rent from the drop down menu, then select the rental tier that you would like to rent. If you are interested in renting an instrument that you do not see listed, contact us.

Rental Tier Explanation

Tier 1 - The best student instrument you can rent. New or Like New.

Tier 2 - Both new and used instruments. Great playing and looking instruments.

Tier 3 - Used, or well used instruments. They play great, but have cosmetic blemishes. Fine for the first year student.

Tier 2 & 3 instruments are based on availability and we will contact you if the one you selected is no longer available.

25% OFF Early Pay Discount

At anytime during your rental agreement, you may purchase your instrument early and save 25% OFF the remaining balance.

NOTE: If you need help with the rental process, please contact us.

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