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Instruments: Should I Rent or Buy?

So Many Options...

We here at Windsmith Music recommend renting for first-time players. Choosing your instrument is a big decision, and one that shouldn't be stressful or scared about. What if I decide I don't like the trumpet, and I want to try the saxophone? Well with most rental programs you can do that. You can exchange to a different instrument at no charge and have your paid-in rental credit transfer over. With an outright purchase, exchanging instruments down the road becomes a little more challenging, and usually not in your best interest financially.

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The Cost

The cost of buying a brand new instrument at once can be expensive. Rental programs can take the heat off that initial financial stress. Instruments purchased outright can cost anywhere from $400 to $2000+, while most rentals only require the first month being paid, totaling around $20 to $65, depending on the instrument. Look for Rent-to-Own or Rent-with-Option-to-Purchase programs. This means the rent you pay every month goes towards the actual purchase of the instrument. If you want to pay the instrument off early you can do that too! Some stores will even offer an early pay discount off of your remaining balance if you choose to buy it early.


Theft & Repair Coverage and Maintenance Plans

Check to see what is additional or included in the rental price. A benefit of renting an instrument is the warranty that the store offers. During the life of the rental, normal wear and tear maintenance and certain damages are covered as a part of the rental service. This can save you hundreds of dollars on the upkeep of an instrument. While one-time warranty work or a limited time warranty is usually offered on an outright purchase of an instrument, it's only that: one- or limited-time. We're all human and have accidents, so having that peace-of-mind coverage is a handy thing to have.



Kids Grow

For those of you renting orchestral instruments your kid probably will start on a fractional size. Most stores' fractional instruments are Rent-Only since your child will need to size up down the road. When they do need a larger size all you have to do is bring in the current one and get resized. The price stays the same and once you have grown into a full size the rent you have been paying on the fractional sized Rent-Only instrument will transfer to a Rent-to-Own and will go to the purchase of a full sized instrument.



If your child has stuck with band for a while, they're probably wanting to upgrading their student horn to one that better fits their more refined musical needs. How do I get a better instrument without shelling out a fortune? You want to be looking at a step-up program. This gives you the option to upgrade your student quality instrument for a select step-up instrument. Often a portion of your rental credit applies to a step-up instrument if continuing to rent, or can be applied as a purchase discount. Want to learn more about when is the right time to step up to a better instrument? Check out this article!