CarolBrass Mini Pocket Trumpet

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Size Doesn't Matter

Just when you thought the pocket trumpet couldn't get any smaller. The Mini Pocket Trumpet from CarolBrass fits into a lunch box sized case, and can be easily thrown in a suitcase, backpack, gym sack, or the like and be taken anywhere. The excuse that you are going on vacation and don't have to practice just got revoked. Have a business trip coming up? Want to keep your chops in shape while at the conference? Want to show off to your friends that size doesn't matter? This mini pocket is perfect for you! Please note that the case that gets sent to you may not be the same color piping as pictured. Sometimes it's blue (pictured), red, white, or black. We can always exchange the case if this is a problem.

One of the most easy and free blowing mini pocket trumpets out there, it sure packs a punch! Here's the specs:

  • Model: CPT1000YSSL
  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: ML 0.460" (11.70m/m)
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Bell Size: Super small
  • Valves Material: Stainless steel
  • Tuning Slide: Yellow brass inner/ outer
  • Case: Gig bag

It also includes a 7C plastic mouthpiece, valve oil from La Tromba, a cleaning cloth, and a shoulder strap for the case. Not sure why you'd need a shoulder strap for this thing, but it comes with one!

Important note: It also fits most mutes, so you can practice in a hotel room with a practice mute in, and not bother anyone!

Model: CPT1000YSSL
Manufacturer: CAROLBRASS

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