Selmer Paris Alto Clarinet Series 9

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The Selmer Series 9 is a vintage alto clarinet made with a larger nominal bore diameter of .584 to help produce a more full and open sound, mostly suitable for jazz music and varieties. On Consignment.

This one comes with a case, neck strap, C** mouthpiece, and an almost new B40 mouthpiece. It has some wear marks on the keys, but is in overall great shape.

Service History

We overhauled this alto clarinet in 2016. It received all new pads, had the wood oiled, and got all new felts, corks, and was adjusted. It has had regular servicing since then - most notably in 2017 when the 2 lower pads were replaced with leather pads, and tenon corks were replaced.

It has one small crack that was repaired on the lower joint.

Manufacturer: Selmer

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