Slide Sweep Brush for Trumpet or French Horn

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The slide sweep brush is great for getting in to those hard to reach places when cleaning your trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, or french horn. These difficult spots are the tight bends around slides. This just gets the job done. Plain and simple.

We use it here in our repair shop, so it must be good.

Here's what Ken at ultra pure has to say about it:

We developed the slide sweep brush to clean completely around the tight bends in tuning slides of the trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, or french horn. Just drop the chain through the slide and shake the end out. Then pull it through. The brush is flexible enough to make it all the way around the bend. The part of the chain near the brush is covered by a flexible plastic tube to prevent scratching inside the slides as you pull it through.

Usage Info

Can be used wet or dry. Very useful to clean the sharp turns of the tuning slides where a traditional snake cannot reach.

Manufacturer: Ultra Pure

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