Win-D-Fender Flute Wind Guard

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May help prevent spread of COVID-19*

The Win-D-Fender allows flutists to play in windy environments for the first time in history! Wow! Includes a velvet bag that can be attached to your flute case.

  • Shields lip plate, reducing negative effects from ambient winds on flute tone
  • Creates personal monitor by reflecting sound back to the player's ears
  • Essential for marching band or any outdoor performance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Installs quickly and securely with centering guide feature
  • Vented design enhances projection and eliminates condensation and blow back
  • Rotate outward under normal conditions or inward for most wind protection
  • May help in preventing additional particulates that contain COVID-19 from spreading. It's like a mask for your flute!

*Study yet to be determined.


"Flute playing has highest potential aerosol spread of all the wind instruments. COVID-19 is an airborne respiratory virus. The application of the already available accessory, the Win-D-Fender(TM), may significantly reduce potential viral spread related to flute playing."

Manufacturer: Win-D-Fender

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