Yamaha Venova Casual Wind Instrument

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Perfect for anyone! Yamaha's Casual Wind Instrument is the most casual wind instrument you can get. Feeling too formal? Play this! Similar to a soprano sax in sound, it has a 2 octave chromatic range. Fingering chart, case, and songs included!

  • Blends the simplicity of the recorder with the tone of the saxophone.
  • Rich, expressive tone that plays and sounds like a saxophone; uses soprano saxophone reeds. Comes with a plastic reed.
  • Fully chromatic two octave range; simple and easy to master fingerings: similar to recorder.
  • Includes hard case, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, and special cleaning swab with ball chain.

Yamaha breaks new ground with the innovative and unique Venova Casual Wind Instrument. Designed to be an inexpensive and accessible alternative to traditional winds, the Venova's state-of-the-art design blends the simplicity of a recorder with the rich sound of a saxophone.

Model: YVS100
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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