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Start with a BANG

Pearl Roadshow Drum Set

The Pearl Roadshow 5-piece drum set includes everything to get you on the road to playing drums. Pearl Roadshow See Options Here

P125 Digital Piano

Full 88-key weighted keyboard. Comes with wood stand, bench, and pedal unit. p125 keyboard Shop Now

Yamaha DTX-402K Electric Drum Set

5-piece electric drum set with rubber pads, x3 cymbals, DTX402 sound module, drum throne, and sticks. dtx-402k drum set Shop Now

Learn to Play. Play for Life.

Kala Exotic Wood Ukuleles

Solid bamboo, exotic mahogany, ziricote, and others available. Kala exotic ukuleles Shop all Ukuleles Here

Makala Starter Ukulele Pack

Comes with everything you need to get playing. Ukulele, tuner, gig bag, and chord booklet. Makala starter ukuleles Shop Starter Kits Here

Mahogany Ukuleles

Availabel in Concert, Tenor, Baritone. Gloss or Satin finish. Tenor available with EQ & pickup. Mahogany Ukuleles Shop all Ukuleles Here

Beginner Musicians & Kids

Green Tones Musical Toys

Handmade, Eco-Friendly Musical Toys providing safe and engaging music playtime that stimulates cognitive ability. Green Tones Musical Toys Shop all Green Tones

Soprano Shark & Dolphin Ukuleles

Assortment of colors with a classic look that sound great. An exceptional value to get anyone playing! Makala Soprano Ukes Shop all Kid Ukes

Hey Parents:

Ear Plugs are in stock! Ear plugs Shop Now

Quick Gift Ideas

Kazoos, egg shakers, slide whistles, nose flutes, recorders, and more! Quick gift ideas Shop All Here

COVID Protection: Safety First!

Win-D-Fender Flute Guard

Prevents aerosol spray from flutes! May help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Win-D-Fender Shop Now

Instrument Bell Covers

Various sizes covers the bell of your instrument, preventing aerosol spray. Protec bell covers Shop All Here

Year-End Clearance

The Wilmington Alto Sax

Unique finish, nickel body intermediate saxophone. wilmington alto sax See Details

J. W. Eastman Alto Sax Case

Slimline case offering great protection. j. w. eastman case Shop Now

Guitar & Ukulele Care Kit

Comes with a cleaning rag, fretboard cleaner, and polish. Mick's Picks guitar care kit Shop Now

Rico H-Ligatures

Excellent gold and silver plated ligatures with cap. rico h-ligature Shop Now

Used Items & Consignments

Check out our selection of pre-owned instruments! We have plenty more available in store as well. Come in and see what we have. Please remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask while in store. Shop Used Items Now

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