Professional Quality Instrument Repair


Our repair facility is set up to handle any problems your instrument may have. Full dent repair, sonic and chemical cleans, keywork, padwork, lacquer removal, overhauls, you name it!



Ultrasonic Cleaning and Chemical Flushes

We use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean brass instruments and various other items. It is an effective and simple way to clean out corrosion, build up, and other gunk that gets stuck inside instruments.

Piano Tuning and Repair

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Straubinger Certified
Brass - Woodwind - Strings Specialsits

Does your rental need to be repaired? Bring it in! Your theft and repair coverage takes care of normal wear and tear.


From sticky pads and stuck mouthpieces, to neck cork replacement and screw adjustments, we've got your rental covered. We make sure it is in perfect playing condition so your student has the best playing experience possible.


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